Running Away

"Adventure must start with running away from home." - William Bolitho

I strongly believe that everyone should run away from home at least once in their life. I think it is good for us to leave everything behind and escape for once. But then, there are those of us that have done it multiple times, and become in a sense...runaways.

I have run away from all kinds of things in my life, jobs, friendships, men, love, family, and even myself. Each time fleeing for some amazing adventure, be it for a week, a month, or two years. And each time, I never really escaped from what I ran from. I always ended up facing what I ran from head on. Sometimes I won, and sometimes I lost, but each time I learned so much more about myself. So much so that now, I have nothing to run from. All my fears, all my anxieties, they have no real hold on me anymore. Don't get me wrong, I still have them...but they don't dictate my actions as they once did, they are simply thoughts.

For once in my life, I am making a decision to change the direction of my life. Nothing to run from and nothing to run to. I am truly free to make my own life. I am grateful all my best friends are well loved, having met their life partners who love them the way I would hope them to be loved. I am grateful that my parents are healthy and strong. And I am grateful that I have been given the opportunities I have been given to change my life.

In light of everything going on in the world, I don't take my chances for granted. I am diving head first into this life I have been given, not regretting a single risk taken. Maybe this runaway seems a bit reckless, as others might find moving half way across the world ludicrous, as would some might say about falling in love with someone from long distance. Some might say that flying 36 hours to a place where you pay to wake up at 4am to do yoga is equally crazy, but each of these instances strengthened my soul in ways I will never be able to explain or repay. So, after taken such big leaps of faith in running away, things like climbing a mountain or riding a bike downhill or even doing a new job are not as big of a risk.

So my dear friends, if you have not yet ran away from home, maybe the time has come to do so. Maybe you won't need to runaway as many times as I have, and I actually hope you don't. I just hope you find the freedom to be you, as I have. Adventure awaits for you...just outside your front door.